Days gone wrong
I may have torn my rotator cuff. We're not 100% sure yet and I have a test to run tomorrow for it, but that's the main theory right now. No idea if I'm going to need surgery to fix it or not. Naturally I'm freaking out and wondering if I've jinxed myself somehow. I've never seriously been injured or sick before- not like my mom and dad have. I've thought about it a few times over the years about this and how lucky I've been -no broken bones, no illnesses like pneumonia (I didn't even get the chickenpox wut?) And noooow I may be looking at surgery in my future. D: *one-armed flailing*
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And we cry these tears of pearls
I completely skipped my March period. Maybe even February, but that's iffy. I just remember asking for bc to control my hormones back in Feb. and it's still unopened simply because you have to take it the Sunday you get your period and it hasn't happened. If I wasn't basically a virgin, this would have initiated several panic attacks way earlier than it actually did. I don't think I've been too stressed. I mean, what do I do all day but be a lump on the couch either on my laptop playing Bejeweled Blitz and Lucky Gem Casino games on Facebook or watching TV. I don't even have that job anymore. Just.. nothing, so nothing should be stressing me.

It HAS made me increasingly hormonal and I've been prone to tears at the slightest provocation. Mom and I rented Brave the other night. It had barely started and I was in tears be right as it started with Elinor looking for wee Merida simply because I was happy to FINALLY be seeing it and the beginning is just so CUTE. The ending was a right out sobbing-fest and thankfully I haven't been alone in that (though Mom was dry-eyed, lucky her).

The predicament with my half-brother (otherwise known as mine and Dad's LIVES) was brought up over tumblr and with a friend. He asked how we could be friends for ten years without knowing that I had a sibling?! It's simple: I don't talk about it. I mean, I will when asked about it but it's a very complicated situation that starts with "I have an older brother" and ends with "we haven't seen him in 25 years." SO bringing that up with even the barest information brought me almost to my knees in a sobbing fit.

Basically, emotions = sobbing right now and it's just... ugh. I am TIRED, you guys. I'm also turning 28 this year, so it could be that my hormonal levels are changing to adjust for the coming middle age period of my life (OH GOD MIDDLE AGE I AM NOT READY). I'm waiting to see what happens this month before I call a doctor. You know you've got problems when you go to webMD, the home to medical paranoia and get a message that is basically the equivalent to "Calm yo tits." Apparently, these things happen. It's nothing to get too worried about.

You think I'd be jumping for joy over not bleeding and cramping and the like, but no. Periods give you Stockholm Syndrome. Periods are normality and when that shit fucks up, it fucks YOU up.


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I has a dreamwidth
A friend gave me an invite as a thank you for emotional support. I have yet to really use it.

There's no guarantee that I'll switch over there but if you've got one: http://yira-heerai.dreamwidth.org/

I'll figure out the x-posting thing some other time.

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So I kicked myself off the internet for about a month. The only thing I'd done for the past three weeks is check my bank account and poke at my car insurance website to make sure bills got paid properly. No LJ (which is basically dead except for a few people anyway *HUGS YOU ALL*), no tumblr, no facebook, none of my twenty-some webcomics. NOTHING.

That isn't to say that I was more productive, cause I wasn't. I just substituted TV and my Lord of the Rings Extended Edition box sest for internet and got crazy into Criminal Minds. And by "crazy into," I mean that I make sure to watch every Wednesday night and did I mention I bought the first three seasons to catch up on? I only have one more episode of season 2 to watch and then it'll be season 3 time. All I have to say is omg Reid, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEID. He so adorkably cute I could just *pinches his cheeks* And Morgan and Garcia. Those are my three favorite characters EVER. I need to learn how to get the confidence Penelope Garcia has and channel into the way she talks. I love it. Loooove it.

Sad thing is, this is the first time I've gotten crazy into anything in quite a while. There will be no fandom-diving (I sadly think those days are over with, with exception to tumblr reblogs) but there may be some Criminal Minds related posts at some point. I just.. it's been a long time.

I'm almost done working the job I've had for 2+ years. The woman I work for sold her salon and she's going to continue with work until the end of March and then she's done. There will be less errands to do and I'm pretty sure some days will be a simple "get this stuff from Wal-Mart" and that's it. I'm finishing what I started, though, which is something I rarely do. So we'll see how that feels.

I think.. that's it. Yeah. That's it.

New Years
It's the first day of the year and already, I have a bit of a pessimistic view on it. I have goals I want to achieve, but I don't know if or when I'll be able to get the gumption to make them reality.

Along with that, I'm sorely missing my online friends. It used to be, there was a bit an incestuous harem on this site, one of my loves has joked. Interconnected through fandom and each other's journals sharing our love for one another and our writings. It's pretty much gone now with no closure. No goodbyes. I miss it.

There's a lot of other emotastic stuff that has to do with my hearing issues and not being able to deal with it.

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Your voice is soothing, but the words aren't clear
I went to see the audiologist today. I'd scan the results, but then I realized no one's going to understand shit XD

Gist is, I was right and it's gone down. Didn't look much like a significant drop, but it's there. Walt (first name basis with my audiologist, lol, that's never not amusing to me) suggested going to see Dr. Horn in Albuquerque in hopes that he'll be able to give me steroid medication to bring some of the hearing back up. Thing is, it's been like this for two months and Walt basically said, "Two months is a long time," so I have NO IDEA if Dr. Horn can help or not.

We talked hearing aids and he messed with the settings on mine to bring up lower sounds. Doesn't sound like there's anything that aids can do. Dr. Horn's office might have more technologically advanced hearing aids. The problem is, if we get a new one and it breaks, can Walt fix it? Cause Albuquerque's a loooong ways away. Five hour drive. To get a hearing aid fixed. :| No thanks.

Anyway, it's kind of up in the air since Mom would have to go with me for translations and stuff and take time off work; when is he going to even be available? etc, etc, etc.

We'll see, it looks like. We'll see.

Lyrics for myself- ignore if you like
Friend of mine on Facebook gave me the actual German lyrics to "Ich will Dich." I can learn it properly now instead of floundering like "WHAT? THAT'S FILTHY HOW DO I SAY IT RIGHT?" So yeah.

Ich will DichCollapse )

I have been doing hardly anything productive, unless you count reading Avengers fic on AO3 productive. IN which case, *throws confetti* IT'S WONDEROUS!

1. Reply to this post with TAG ME MOTHAFUCKAAAAA and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

1. Cheat Sheet- A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away there was someone who had a larger version of this image in their signature on Gaia. Yes, I was on Gaia. Two different accounts that are now collecting whatever amounts to dust on the internet. Since I was writing at the time and most of it seemed to be porny and hey, I like boobs and that is a hilarious ingenious way to cheat, I MUST HAVE IT. So I saved and cropped. I still love it to this day.

2. Photobucket Jesus- Religious humor is one of my things. I like it. I also like the implied fact that no one can do it. Water ski? Yes. Skate on water? No. Jesus, though, Jesus could totally summon up skates from 70s, all hipster like, and just do triple axels ALL OVER THAT SHIT like "LET ME SHOW YOU THE MOVES OF MY PEOPLE." I like using it mostly when things are ironic or just plain, "well, isn't that special." It's my wry icon, I guess.

3. Photobucket Days Gone Wong- If you play Sims, you're probably very familiar with that screen cap. Probably made sure the cooking skill was as low as it could be, give the character glass windows as walls with no door, no fire alarm, lots of wood and watch the world burn. It's the ultimate FML icon. If it's bad and not covered under the wry icon, it's this baby.

4. Slide - It's the pinnacle of Fight Club, really, aside from, you know, the Fight Club. Trying to find that center of yourself. Crossroads. Decisions that need to be made. The Penguin told Jack to slide. Go with the flow. So he did. With a split personality, but he did.It's been entirely too long since I've seen this movie. Why don't I own it?

5. Temptation- I discovered a doll site through WebUrbanist. A woman named Marina Bychkova had these AMAZING porcelain dolls. I mean, holy crap just look at these amazing dolls. If I'm remembering right, she made a series based off fairy tales. One of them was Snow White. I don't remember much about what she actually had the dolls pose for- like if there was fairy tale meaning to it, but this one reminded me of Snow White. I use it as my default icon because it's pretty and because, hey, what describes a fangirl best than the temptation of forbidden fruit?

Intro post
About Yira- I am a mostly deaf 26-year old fangirl. I slash, I het it up, I yuri, and I'm basically open for anything. I'm a nerd, a geek, and a bookworm encased in a ball of neurosis. Apparently, I'm awesome and sweet and cute and a few more of those adjectives but you know it's all lies. I'm mean and evil and not at all innocent. 0=3

New Friends- If you haven't friended me and think I look kinda cool, friend away but please leave me a comment stating who you are. Introductions are lovely and I can be kinda paranoid ♥

Tags- SPICE UP MY JOURNAL WITH YOUR AWESOMENESS AND ADD A TAG. This option is friends only, sadly, but damn if it isn't amusing as hell. Seriously, I love what y'all put on here. ♥

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owl lol
Don't normally repost stuff on memebase, but for some reason I found this extra hilarious:

So, that Naruto chapter. Sounds like a lot of stuff went down. So link me, maybe?

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